SoundBeam 6

With Technology, everybody can enjoy of CREATING your own Music

SoundBeam 6

by creating Multi-Abilities, multi-Generations, inclusive Communities through Making Music and Technology
  • Touch Screen Interface with Quick and Easy Navigation of Functions.
  • Extensive Library of High-Quality Instrumental and sampled sounds.
  • Simplified Record and Compose Functions.
  • Pre-loaded Musical and Soundscape Setups
  • Embedded Film adding a Visual Dimension to Accompany the Soundsets, offering a Truly Multimedia Experience.
  • HDMI Socket for Large Screen Projection of the Embedded Films.

  • Hong Kong and Taiwan distributed by Mizar
SoundBeam 6 UK Official Website →
Asia Pacific distributor and Brillian Social Enterprise - I'm Soul Inc →

Heal yourself

Full Mind, Body and Soul Workout.

No Music Background Needed

Everybody can play and create your own songs.

Creative Expression. Confidence Grows.

Change "I cannot" to "I believe, I can"

Self and Community Driven

Can play and interact with a group

For Elderly or Rehabitation

Not only for healthy people, but also suitable for ALS, Dementia, SEN, etc.

Hong Kong Support & Maintenance

SOLELY supported by in Hong Kong market.

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