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We consolidated some frequently asked questions here. Of course it's always more than welcome to contact us directly. We are waiting for your calls.

General (2)

Why raise this company?
We believe most of Geron and rehab technology are focusing on "help the helpers". But we want to see the smiling faces from the group that truly need to be happy. So Mizar raised for bridging this gap.
Any regional boundary of your products and services?
We focus our solutions not only in Hong Kong, but also covering Taiwan and southeast Asia.

Soundbeam 6(2)

Are you willing to show the products and run for demo?
It's our pleaseure. Pls leave your email here or directly call us!
Do we need to know playing musical instrument for manage soundbeam?
100% no need. You can simply move your body and enjoy playing music. You may also create your own music.
How to make change the rhythm?
The Soundbeam have 4 set of Beam sensors and 8 set of switch , People can make change of the rhythm by the movement of the body or press the switch.
How many Songs in the system can play with?
There are 41 pre-set English Song in the system , but we can download some additional song in the system.
How many musical instrument and sound effect we can play with in the sound beram system?
There are more than 200 music instrument and 400 set sound effect in the system that you can play with.

Eye Tracking Communication System (3)

What is proposes for the devices?
It helps the person who can not able to move or speak and let him to communicate the world
How the devices can communicate others?
The devices come with a health system platform, the program has assigned topic to hand shake with others
How's the accuracy of the device?
People can use the device and composed a book with more than 200K words within 3 months.

Air Plus Mask (3)

How long be the mask stands?
The mask is stand around for 10 hr
Can the mak able to re-use?
No the mask not able to re-use
Is it necessary to use the ventilator together with mask?
No, the mask can use individually
How long can the ventilator use and how long do the fan need to charge up?
around 2~ 3 Hr for the mirco fan , it would take around 45 min. the charging the fan up